How To Create A Great Minimalistic Website Design

Minimalistic design, by the sound of it would seem to be an easy task to accomplish. But in reality, it takes a lot of designing expertise to come up with the most effective minimalistic web design for a website. When it comes to a minimalistic web design, one of two things could occur and either ways you always go for broke. Either you’ll end up creating an amazing website that would amaze the viewers or on the other hand, they would just swoosh past your website, as if it did not even exist.

Minimalistic designing isn’t rocket science, but it does require a great deal of common sense and intense knowledge about the brand, the targeted audience and the kind of platform, designs, colors and fonts to use to get the most out of this kind of web design. But the final motive of any designer aiming to create such a website is that it should “Complete” in itself.

Before we embark on the journey into the heart of a minimalistic web design, let us have a look at what comprises of such a design:-

One could describe minimalistic designing as putting in only the most essential and basic elements onto the web design. It is stripped off every superfluous element or variable which would not be in sync with the minimalism of the overall design. The basic purpose of such kind of a design is to make the content stand out and everything is focused around this content. When it comes to a perfect minimalistic design, one thing is always kept in mind, and that is the property of Saying most with the Least! Too many elements on your website and your viewers are bound to get confused.

Minimizing the Content

This is one prime element where almost every designer falters. Instead of paying the required attention to details in the content, they end up mindlessly chopping down the content only to find that the final content makes no sense whatsoever. An effective strategy to achieve the goal of having an engaging content would be to earmark the headings under which the content would be written:-

• The logo
• The introduction
• The Navigation
• The sub-headings etc

The elements which you would almost never require in a minimalistic web design would be:-

• The in-vogue icons, widgets or graphs of your social media presence
• Useless descriptions which you can do away with
• Listings such as “Featured,” “Popular” and “Recent”
• Excessive content too can mar the overall look of the website as you never want your website to appear to be dull and completely content oriented.
• Secondary navigation pages.

Remember, your motive is not to make the website less appealing and low in functionality; rather to cut down on the un-required elements and keep only the essential ones.

The above are some of the ways in which you can drastically improve the quality of your minimalistic web design.

Consideration In Designing A Great Business Card

Your business card design can say a lot about you or your company. There are many design examples, designs and layouts online for you to check and there is no shortage of well designed templates for you to buy online or get one that has been specifically designed for your company. You may also want to consider some finishes mentioned below with a reputable business card printer.

I’d like to share with you some tips and factors on how to go about selecting the right card for you or your company and some features to consider. Your business card is a working tool for you and should help generate leads and potential clients.

Your colour scheme is very important and you need to design a card that correctly reflects the nature of your business. There is no point having flashy and vibrant colours if you are in the banking industry. You may also have a design on your card such as stripes or squares and its all well and good but you need to get a colour scheme that is suitable. Some card designs draw attention to themselves using colours and the more colours you use, the more attention it will draw and you need to consider the aspect of inappropriate over attention.

Having a minimalistic design such as one which has been designed using a single colour logos and the use of large amounts of white space or single colour background space. This is considered a fantastic way of giving your card a very stylish feel. To add to this them, your logo can be displayed on the front of a card and your contact details on the back to avoid cluttering the design. There are a large number of associated variants for this type of card design all of which serve to keep the design minimalistic.

Having your logo or fonts embossed or raised above the card is a style of finish that gives a very premium effect to your card and elevates your status greatly.In embossed business cards, you can feel the raised effect as you trace your finger over the embossed part of the card.

Adding a QR code is an effective tool in this modern age that allows you to take a photo of the business card using a smartphone. The code in the image will then direct them to your website and serves as a great way to link between your business card and your online presence. Before you print a business card though with a QR code, it is worth considering if this tool is appropriate to your target audience.

Transparent business cards are currently trending in advertising and media and they are made of plastic or acrylic and are much more durable than ordinary paper based business cards

Die cut or unusually shaped business cards are custom made and tend to impress your clients more than standard rectangular cards. Be careful though because if the size is non standard, your they could end up in the bin as they don’t fit into a standard business card holder or pocket.

Typefaces or fonts should be used intelligently as they can give the wrong or right impression. There are thousands to choose from and one of the most important aspects is to select one that is legible and not too designer of difficult to read.

Bedroom Design Tips

Bedroom is the most place people like in the house. In this room we can get calm and quiet ambiance and we can take a rest after full days activity. Unfortunately, we do not have enough area to accommodate the best size for our bedroom. Actually we have trick to decorate our bedroom looks so roomy and comfort. And be ready we will share our tips for you.

1. Use bright and clear color

Bright and clear wall color will reflex better light, so the result of lighting effects will be maximized. There are some colors that we can use beside white, for example: light green or light yellow. Adjust paint color with wall ornament, choose ornament which have suitable color or brighter color. Cupboard color can be made the same with the wall color to get roomy effect and do not combine the bedroom with hard color curtains at the window. Carefully when we will use wallpaper, for safety choices use solid color with little motif. Whatever the wall color you choose, we recommend white color for the ceiling to get maximal light effect.

2. Mirror

Mirror has a good effect for giving roomy impression to the room. The big mirror can reflect light to all part in the room. In the other hand, mirror also reflect natural light or artificial light to make bedroom looks brighter, both day and also night. We will get more effective effect when we place mirror near our window, so outdoor view can be captured

3. Place your furniture in the corner

Arrange your furniture in the corner of your bedroom, so our view becomes larger.

4. Match your furniture size with the bedroom size

Use minimalist design furniture. The most dominant furniture is your bed. Do not put a lot of furniture in your bedroom, because this will make your bedroom looks so small. The most important thing is you can move freely in your bedroom and there is no barrier with the presence of this furniture.

5. Use enough lighting in your bedroom

To give calm effect in your bedroom, you can use soft lamp. Most people often do some activities in bedroom like reading, use their laptop and also watching TV, and these activity needs more lighting. So we need to install two kind of lamp, soft lamp for sleeping and brighter lamp for doing our activity. Check out for other tips or interior pictures as well!

How To Design By Your Sign – The Gemini Child and Adult

Gemini May 22 – June 21
Ruler: Mercury Element: Earth Sign Color: Yellow

Gemini’s are enormously popular in social and work settings but many people complain that they never really knew the Gemini friend. This is derived from the twin’s duality of personality. Your Gemini will think nothing of arguing with great passion about social issues. Their nature is misinterpreted as a passionate nature. It is this that is most startling to their partners; they soon discover that the Gemini partner is infamously dispassionate in nature. Gemini’s are sometimes uncomfortable in close relationships. They place boundaries that keep others from intruding into their protected space that allows them to move freely about and cannot tolerate clingy, needy possessive people in their life. At the same time they are intensely private and highly sociable, much like the duality represented in their symbol of the Twins.

Gemini children are energetic and seem to be everywhere at once! They are frequently intelligent little chatterboxes. The inquisitive nature of the Gemini child makes exploring their surroundings a must!

They need space to roam and play and cannot tolerate being restrained. Woe unto you if you live in a confined space with no room to play! They will become irritable and communicate this loudly! Gemini children are full of vim and vigor as they move about with their friends. They are brilliant and highly alert.

Young Gemini’s enjoying using their hands to create and to communicate. These are lively and creative children with great imaginations and storytelling skills to entertain their circle of friends. They typically have a wide variety of friends from both sexes. The Gemini twins are the epitome of good social skills!

The Gemini child is honest at heart but sometimes cannot distinguish between illusions and reality. They are highly intelligent and frequently gifted and may offer dishonest answers if they feel a need to hide what they believe reflect a lack of knowledge about some topic that is under discussion. Ensure that your child can roam about and investigate to keep their active mind busy.

Gemini’s tend to love the smooth clean simple lines in the mid century modern design style. They appreciate quality and simplicity and seem to have an innate sense of the value of history in something they own which they will treat with great respect. A blend of old with cutting edge upholstery and trims will inspire this child’s inquisitive mind and help them to embrace emotions.

Your Gemini nursery should reflect the pale yellows and whites found in a sunbeam peeping through the fluffy clouds! Better yet, place the crib near a sunbeam and watch this baby gurgle with joy! Their busy minds love movement so add a mobile that moves by battery. They will be fascinated!

Oddly enough Gemini children are fascinated by artwork. Find posters that reflect the sky and space that they crave and turn it into artwork on their walls. Nothing fussy for these children, they love their space and need simplicity in their space; this allows them to move freely about. An uncluttered space with plenty of light is as essential as the air that they breathe to these children.

The Gemini playroom will be a busy area in your child’s room. Keep it light and filled with spaces to tuck away the treasures they collect while investigating a special rock or other treasured collectible. Keep it light, bright airy and functional to keep this child happy!

Add plenty of books and toys with moving parts to keep the attention of their inquisitive mind. These children love books and magazines and learning tools. But they care very little about interior decorating since they crave simplicity. Their bookcase will be far more valuable than the latest in bedding for this toddler. As they grow find light and airy bedding that is simple for them to make up. Their minds are too busy to bother with tucking and folding things. They are always on the move mentally!

Mimic the clouds and the movement of the air and they will talk about their room when they are well into adult hood; Gemini’s simply must talk!

Sooner or later your Gemini child will demand a desk and shelving to easily reach their latest investigative ideas! Keep it simple and clean, this allows them to easily store their treasures and maintain the simple clean lines in their room.

Whatever you do, avoid fuss in this child’s room and their learning capabilities and intelligence will dazzle you!

Gemini’s yearn for open space. Add mirrors in your Gemini’s room to increase the ‘feeling’ of space!


Keep it simple with clean lines, no fuss
Light, bright airy colors will inspire this child
Shelving and work areas are a must
Avoid rugs and anything that impedes the feeling of space
Add posters for artwork
Add mirrors to the room
Natural light is a must for the Gemini child

The Gemini Adult

Gemini’s seem to gravitate to city dwelling and yet, they love contemporary clean lines. If you can create a loft feeling in your Gemini bedroom that is clean and contemporary you will have created a space they can relax, unwind and feel nurtured

The adult Gemini may be happiest in the minimalist design style. Like their Gemini children, they cannot tolerate having their movement restricted in spaces. Gemini’s gravitate towards parties and a strong social life. Their bedrooms are used to nourish the intensely private side of the twin nature.

Muted shades of the sky, the clouds and the open air they crave will allow the Gemini to rest peacefully. This sign enjoys quality furniture and accessories but requires less of it. Window coverings should be nonexistent or lightweight and billow in the breeze to enchant the twin souls of the Gemini.

They genuinely appreciate the beauty of simple refined artwork and enjoy displaying it in their private space.

The adult Gemini, like the child, needs an office space even in their home. They remain busy and are intrigued by technology. Their bright inquisitive mind renders them a perfect match for the new age technology that is ever advancing on the airwaves!

The Gemini home office should also be simple and functional. This sign derives it thrills in the outside social world they create and come home to simplicity.

For the Gemini adult; everything that applied as a child still does, in a grown up way!

Simple Guide to Bathroom Design

The bathroom is known to be one of the least priorities when decorating a home’s interior. Most people would first work on designing a living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Some would end up with a fully furnished and stylish living room but lacking in style and functionality in their bathrooms. When you try to think about it, a bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. Here we spend most of our time getting ready and grooming ourselves. Thus, it matters that it is designed with function, comfort, and aesthetics in mind.

Consider the Space

Not all homes have a good amount of space, which is a blessing to any interior designer and homeowner. But, never consider the minimal space as a difficult challenge. You should just know where to get the right furniture and fixtures that will best fit the space that you have. If you want a modern bath vanity set, for example, make sure you measure the available space first. After which, you should finalize the right dimensions for the vanity set, tubs, and cabinets you will be purchasing. To be on the safe side, choose nothing bigger or smaller than the dimensions you have set.

Match Taps and Tapware

What some people overlook when they decorate bathrooms are the taps and tapware. You may want to make sure you’re putting in the effort in choosing the right taps and tapware, or you will end up changing them every so often to match the sink, tubs, and counter.

For contemporary vanity sets, most people will choose the ones with lever-type taps in chrome finish. These are the ones that come with sleek curves and sharp lines with a minimalistic design. However, not all bath vanities look great with this type of fixture. Others still opt for the crafty and intricately-designed taps. Sometimes old-fashioned taps will go great with modern sinks and counters. It all comes together to create a unique and stylish modern bath vanity.

Choose Durability and Easy Maintenance

With frequent use, wear and tear is inevitable. One of the most frequently used areas in our home is the bathroom. So, it’s always safe and worth the investment if you will buy bathroom fixtures that are built and designed for long-term use. You may have to spend extra for a reliable product, but in the long run, you will be avoiding recurring problems with your fixtures. Also, always remember to keep your bathroom clean to avoid moisture and mildew buildup.

Function and Aesthetics

The basic design of a modern bath vanity is the pedestal and basin combo. This is the standard white sink which is common in most households today. If function is the main factor you are looking for in a bathroom design, then you can simply pick from various designs of pedestal and basin combos. There are also common designs with tops and side splashes.

Nowadays, however, people are now incorporating aesthetic elements in the design. In this case, the popular vessel sinks that are placed above the counter would be an ideal choice. This would definitely combine function and aesthetics and give you an impressive contemporary vanity design.

Graphic Designer Tips: How To Design Eye Catching Business Cards

1. Use of colour schemes

A business card that uses colour schemes attracts attention because of the complete colour range, regardless of whether the pattern uses squares, stripes, triangles or circles. If you want a QR code to be displayed on the card, use the same colour range to create an overall impressive and synchronised effect.

2. Images on a brightly coloured background

A stylish and brightly coloured card makes a striking first impression. Such cards would be suitable for a creative professional such as a designer or photographer. Adding an image to the back side can display your skills as a creative expert and this design could also be a part of your portfolio.

3. Minimalistic Design

Using only a logo designed with one colour with creative use of white spaces on the card makes a stylish and sophisticated business card. Put all essential information on the back, such as your name, contact information and tag line.

4. Typography

Typography requires significant attention due to the wide range of choices. Choose a font appropriate for you.

5. QR codes

The QR code adds a modern tool to your card that allows your clients to take a photo of the business card with a smartphone. The code redirects the user to your online portfolio, website or resume. Use this option only if your target audiences are receptive to it.

6. Black and white

Such cards are the perfect choice for lawyers, economists, businessmen and other professionals who are part of serious business concerns. Black and white business cards create an elegant, simple and classic effect.

7. Letter press effects or embossing

This style is created by using a stamp to create raised effects for the lettering or shapes on the business card. The textured look and feel reflects a classical style. With this style, the best effect can be created by using only one colour, which is the real colour of business card paper.

8. Unusual shapes

Business cards in unusual shapes are mostly custom-made and need more resources. Their unusual shape might impress your clients more but their uncommon shapes make them difficult to store in standard sized wallet pockets and people might just throw them away.

9. Transparency

See-through cards are a recent idea and are part of an ongoing trend in advertising. These cards are made from plastic, which makes them more durable than card-based business cards. Transparent cards have higher retention value and create a good effect.

10. Logical end

Always try to choose something that makes your card different because you have just one chance to create a good first impression with potential clients. Choose a card that represents your company’s image and brand.